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An Environmental


COLLAPSE is a bittersweet love letter to our planet, with sardonic songs ranging from global warming, fracking to nuclear testing.

Each song of COLLAPSE is a visceral reflection on a different human-caused ecological disaster.

Conceived  by Daniel Corral with video artist Jesse Gilbert and fashion designer Victor Wilde. Produced by Beth Morrison Projects and commissioned by REDCAT Theater.




 Following the successful world-premiere in Los Angeles and performances at Miami Light Project, Operadagen Rotterdam and BAM 2015 Next Wave Festival, COLLAPSE received fantastic press coverage, including LA Times, Miami Herald, LA Weekly, Miami New Times.


A recording of COLLAPSE recorded by our executive producer Nick Tipp and produced by Nick Urata of DeVotchKa is now available online world-wide! 



COLLAPSE the staged show


Elisha Weisel, Abby Sher, Ronnie Rubin, Delora Donovan, Richard Braun and Anne Harley.


COLLAPSE the album


Kiki Gindler, Peter Aitken, Annette Blum, Brian A. Murphy, Arthur Rieman, George Handran, Anonymous, Olga Vlassova, Kim Aaron and Camille Kunze, Sage Lewis, Stephanie Campbell, Fariba Ghaffari, Roy Firestone, Robert Black, West McDonough, Andrew Golden, Abby Sher, Vinaiaka Dommeti, Delora Donovan, Adrienne Albert, Elena Fields, Janet Reymond, Charles Chipman, Dwight and Barbara Glenn, Betty Ladwig, Stephen Schoenberger, Elena Fields, Paul Outlaw, Ellen Reid, Grant Barnes, Pam Shaffer, Adriana Alexatos, Susan Rodriguez, Melinda Rice, Eileen and Ken Leech, John Figueroa, Jeannine Altmeyer, Sandra Powers, Alexander Noice, Dave Mack, Iona Lie, Chris Nichols, Ashley Lambert, Raulee Marcus, Clifford Bailey, Amy Knoles, Deborah Corral, Amy Knoles, Ronnie Rubin, Noah Lit, Luke Taylor, Raulee Markus, Shana Nys Dambrot, Angela Greene, Keith Gravel, Eilley Brandlin, Bob Attiyeh, Brenda Barnes, Richard Braun, Veronika Krausas, Jacqueline Saint Anne, Lars Jan, Anne LeBaron, anonymous, Rebecca Farris Cline, Leslie Thomas, Ann Froeschle, Mathieu Young, John Frantzen, Jason Savvy, Jocelyn Raulston, Stephanie Campbell, Elizabeth Patterson and Andy Steinlen!

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