"Audacious, liberated indie-opera music is among the most original being made in LA today."

"Nastily seductive, dangerous" 

Los Angeles Times

"A beautifully haunting voice. Timur is a brilliant architect

of tension."

LA Weekly


"Words fail to capture the magnificence and contrasting glory and weirdness"

Flavorpill NYC

"Operatic voice talents buttressed by a quality troupe of rockers" NeatBeet

Timur formed the band through a strange occurrence - America's Got Talent - where we ended up performing Klaus Nomi cover "Total Eclipse."  He got an email from one of the casting directors, who saw his music film "Autumn," directed by Sandra Powers, and who invited him to audition for the competition. Never a fan of TV family entertainment, nevertheless, Timur reached out to his fellow denizens at CalArts, who joined him along side the legendary Kristian Hoffman, for the appearance on TV and were booted off almost immediately. Thus, Timur and the Dime Museum was born to fuse sounds with fierceness and theatricality, starting as an acoustic outfit of clarinet, viola, cello, guitar , accordion and banjo and morphing into electric bass, electric guitar, keys and drums. Adding on top of it is an operatic voice of Timur, which he really loves to fuck around with.


After our truly official debut on the prestigious ALOUD series in LA, T&DM begun to perform around the U.S., opening for such artists as the Tiger Lillies, Mucca Pazza, The Red Paintings, and DeVotchKa. Eventually, discovered by Beth Morrison Projects during Crescent City, the first project of the Industry LA, the band went on to perform as part of LA Philharmonic's Liederabend 21c, op. LA concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall, performing Artaud in Black Lodge by David T. Little; at the Redcat Theater Gala with Jack Black; NYC’s Joe’s Pub; Lummis Day Festival and the Krampus LA Festival’s Ball. 


We mostly perform songs by our member Daniel Corral, including Zoophilic Follies at NOW Festival at Redcat Theater; and COLLAPSE, a post-ecological Requiem, produced by BMP in collaboration with Victor Wilde of the Bohemian Society and video artist Jesse Gilbert. Commissioned by Redcat Theater, COLLAPSE has been performed at Miami Light Project, Operadagen Rotterdam Festival, Showcase@CSUSB and the renowned BAM 2015 Next Wave Festival. Whew.


At this point, every member of the band is actively pursuing a busy solo career, which makes it extremely hard to join hands, tour, play gigs and play with your hearts. So while we are still active, our focus has shifted into specific theatrical projects. Does it still makes us a band?... You tell us. We are currently developing Nueva Canción Project: Songs of Protest and Resistance for Miami Light Project and and David T. Little's Artaud in Black Lodge for a fancy big opera festival, both produced by our love bug, Beth Morrison Projects in 2021.

Oh dear. What to do before 2021. Well, you'll find us somewhere in this universe. One of us might be just around the corner, softly breathing down your neck. Look for Timur here.

"A fusion of Tiny Tim and Enrique Caruso for the new depression" Hits Magazine
"Accompanied by his hard-rocking band, Dime Museum, Timur fabulously belted the two songs from Little's "Artaud in the Black Lodge" (with texts by Beat poet Anne Waldman) that enigmatically delve into the twisted edges of William Burroughs' psyche." LA Times